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Zyia Active Leggings

Let's talk leggings!  Perhaps the most popular, best selling Zyia item.  We have several varieties of leggings, from cropped/capri length to 7/8 length to full length, you will find the perfect pair for your needs.  Zyia Active is continually releasing new styles, patterns, and fit, so check out the website to see what's new and in stock.

Zyia carries 4 lengths of leggings:

Shop Full-Length Leggings

Shop 7/8 Length Leggings

Shop Crops and Capri Length Leggings

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Here is an overview of our most popular styles:

Light N Tight Leggings

The holy grail of workout leggings. These things won't' budge, even on the longest runs or the toughest boot camp class! Our highest compression legging that feels oh-so-supportive— whether you plan to run a marathon or just run the day. Get these with or without pockets, 7/8 length or capri.

Did someone say pockets? Store your phone or other essentials safely tucked away in the pockets of your leggings (on a run or while on Mom duty)!

One of the most popular lines of Light n Tight leggings is Zyia's Metallic leggings.  These have a faux leather-like look, with flattering compression that makes them insanely flattering.  Read all about these unique leggings in this blog post.  

Brilliant Leggings

These are so soft and comfortable you won't ever want to take them off. Just enough compression to suck everything in and versatile enough to work out in or run errands in. They come in full length, 7/8 length, and capri, as well as our Scrunchy What if you want to show off your glutes!

I don't recommend these leggings for high-impact workouts.  These are great everyday leggings, yoga or pilates leggings, or lounging leggings.  Because they are less compressive and do not have a stitch at the top, they can sometimes roll down.  They are very comfy and buttery soft though!  Definitely size down 1 in these leggings.  

Luxe Legging

Who wouldn’t love a great everyday legging that is comfortable for lounging, and ideal for low impact activity, maternity, and postpartum...or if you're anything like me...a trip to the store? If you are nodding your head, you will love our Luxe leggings!! The waistband is seamless and stretchy, and I love how soft these feel! They also have more of a "matte" look to them!

Since they aren't as compressive, the Luxe leggings tend to run a bit looser. I definitely recommend sizing down 1 in the Luxe since these run a bit bigger. They feel like butter!

Soft n Snug Leggings

The newest fabric line, Soft n Snug leggings are a cross between Light n Tights (compressive) and Luxe (buttery soft).  They come both with and without pockets and in several patterns.  These have a mid-rise fit (most of the other leggings are high-rise), so if you prefer that, then these are for you!

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