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Start the School Day on a Positive Note - Free Printable Circle Time Songs

August 5, 2019

August has arrived and it's already time to start thinking about Back to School!  The summer has flown by and I can't believe it's only a few weeks until we will be back in the routine of waking the kids early, scarfing down a quick breakfast, and rushing out the door.  Is that how everyone's mornings look, or just ours?

start the school day on a positive note in the classroom

Speaking of mornings and routines, starting the school day in a warm and positive manner is essential.  From the moment the students enter the classroom, they should feel cared for and safe.  By creating an environment of a caring community, we teachers help our students transition into the school day feeling good about being at school, even if they are also feeling hesitant.

Saying Goodbye

At our preschool, families drop their children off at our classroom door.  We have a "kiss and go" policy.  The parent kisses their child outside the door, says goodbye, and sends them inside to start their day, which involves playing at tables that are set up with toys.  We have found that in the three-year-old classroom, this transition helps both the students and parents alleviate some separation anxiety.

A quick goodbye is almost always the easiest goodbye for a child who is reluctant to enter the classroom.  It's amazing to see that even the children who have the hardest time separating from their parents get engaged in play very quickly and forget that they were sad to see their parent go.

As the children enter the classroom, I like to stand near the door and greet each child by name, saying "good morning" and making a comment about how good it is to see them or how glad we are that they are here today.  This little gesture helps each child feel welcome and wanted.

Using Circle Time to Build Community

After our little learners have had some time to play and settle in, we transition into circle time.  This is our time to say good morning, talk about our day, look at who has a job and discuss the weather.  We like to incorporate some regular and predictable songs into our circle time, songs that the children come to learn and love, that make circle time enjoyable, fun, dynamic, and get their little bodies moving.

Circle Time is the perfect start to creating a nurturing community of learners.  At the beginning of the year, we keep circle time short, maybe 5-10 minutes long, and we focus on songs that help us get to know one another.  These songs help the children learn each other's names, as well as start exploring the letters in their own and each others' names.

As the year progresses, we lengthen circle time, depending on the interest and attentiveness of the class, and add in quick games and sometimes even a story.  But at the beginning of the year, it's all about setting up routines and building our classroom community, starting our day on a positive note.

For more ways to create and promote a positive classroom community, check out this post about establishing class rules and expectations

Favorite Morning Circle Time Songs and Chants

I've put together a free printable of 5 of my favorite Morning Circle Time Songs and Chants that help build community, start the day off right, and get to know one another's names.  I'd love for you to download and use it in your own classroom!

Free printable Morning Circle Time Songs and Chants for creating positive classroom environment and morning

How to Start the School Day morning on a positive note with routines and circle time songs in the classroom


  1. Great work. Your printables will be so helpful to parents.

    1. Thank you! I do feel that both parents and teachers can benefit from them.