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What is Zyia Active and Why Do You Need it in Your Life?

September 4, 2020

Zyia Active is a lifestyle brand for active women, men, and kids.  

We're all active people, right?  Whether it be working out in the gym, chasing after our kids, working from an office or home, we all lead busy and active lives. 

Zyia Active clothing meets the demands of our lifestyles.  It is high-performance activewear for the most intense athletes, but stylish enough for a woman who wants to look cute while maintaining comfort.  With sizing that ranges from XXS-XXXL, there are options that empower every woman to feel good about herself. 

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See what makes us special in our Zyia Active Digital Style Guide

Why Zyia Active?

Finding stylish but comfortable clothes that are versatile and high quality can be a challenge.  When you spend money on clothing, you deserve to get the most bang for your buck.  

Your clothes should be functional enough to wear all day but fashionable enough to take you from day to night.  

This is why I love Zyia Active.  The catalog is full of multi-purpose high-quality pieces that can be worn repeatedly and styled in many different ways.  

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Our philosophy at Zyia Active includes 4 pillars: Light, Uplift, Activity, and Community.  We are more than just about selling clothes.  We are about building a community that lights each other's candle, uplifts our spirits while promoting an active lifestyle.  

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Learn more about Zyia Active

What Makes Zyia Active Special?

The quality of our clothing sets us apart from other activewear brands.  We are able to provide high-performance features at a fraction of the cost of other high-end brands.  And we don't scrimp on style.  What attracted me most to this company and what made me HAVE TO be a part of it was how fashion-forward the designs are.  With new releases every week, Zyia Active stays on top of trends and in constantly evolving.  

I love to be able to dress for comfort but also look put together and stylish.  With Zyia Active, I can do this easily every day.  Our pieces are multipurpose and many, if not most, can go from day to night very easily.  

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What Do We Do?

As a Zyia Active rep, I get to share my love of the clothing line with people all over the country.  I interact with customers over social media platforms because that's what I enjoy.  The beauty of this company is that you can tailor your strengths to fit into your business.  There are many ways to sell and promote Zyia Active, and my team and I are here to help new reps figure that out and be as successful as possible.  

One of the best parts of being a rep is that I have a team of other women to support me, help me, and bounce ideas off of.  Growing community and uplifting one another is so important to the philosophy at Zyia Active that our team makes it a priority.  

Read more about Why I Joined Zyia Active and 10 Questions About Joining Zyia Active to learn more.

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How Do I Get Involved?

It's so easy!  You can start by hosting a virtual trunk show to get yourself some free and discounted merchandise.  Our hostess rewards are out of this world!  As the rep, I do all the work so you can get all the rewards!

Don't want to host a trunk show?  You can also share a Brand Preview with your friends and family and be rewarded when they shop!

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Or you can jump right in and become a rep yourself.  We have a generous compensation plan and bonus structure that rewards our reps well.  You will also get the support and wisdom of a team of others like you who will help you every step of the way to growing your successful business.  

This is a great opportunity for teachers and other working professionals, as you can work around your schedule.  Stay at home moms are also very successful and this business allows the flexibility to work when you can.  

Or maybe you want to get 25% off your clothes every time you order?  You can become a rep and never sell a piece of clothing.  Just use the discount to build your personal wardrobe.

Either way, it's a win-win and you get gorgeous and quality clothing to fill your closet.  I promise you'll never want to wear anything else.

Check out an example of the Zyia Active starter kit in this video (view on YouTube if the video does not play here)

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