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Why Zyia is Perfect for Teachers!

December 10, 2020

Whether you're looking for versatile clothing for your teacher wardrobe (or casual office clothes)...or looking for a side hustle to supplement your teaching job, Zyia Active is for you!  

As a preschool teacher who, we all know, makes very minimal income, I was on the search for a side job that would fulfill my desire to earn some extra cash.  After teaching English online to students in China as well as selling teaching resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, I was tired of working hard but still not making much extra income, if any at all.  

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Then I learned about Zyia Active.  I've always loved fashion and giving style advice, so it felt like Zyia just fell into my lap.  After doing loads of research, I decided that joining Zyia would be the perfect side job that I was looking for.  

What is Zyia Active?

Zyia is an activewear line that provides high-quality multi-purpose clothing for both in and out of the gym.  So many of the clothing pieces can be worn in the classroom or to a casual office.  

Learn more about Zyia in my article, What Is Zyia Active and Why Do You Need It in Your Life?

Zyia Active provides the perfect side job that can supplement your income simply by showing off the cute clothes you are wearing.  

Learn more about Why I Joined Zyia Active.

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Zyia Active Clothing

Zyia clothing is ideal for teachers.  Comfortable and stylish, Zyia combines the perfect blend of fashion and function to take you from the classroom to the gym to the couch.  You can literally live in this clothing all day every day.  

Here are some of my favorite pieces for teachers:

Zyia Joggers

Joggers are sweatpants meet dress pants.  Our Joggers can easily be dressed up or down and are ideal for busy teachers who don't want to sacrifice comfort for style.  

The Unwind Joggers are my favorites.  You can see just five of the many ways they can be styled in this photo.  

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Zyia Everywhere Pants

If you prefer to have a straight leg instead of a cuff, then the Everywhere Pants are for you.  Wearing these is like wearing your favorite leggings to work, but they look like tailored dress pants. 

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Zyia Everywhere Pants come in Black, Navy, and Olive.

Compare all Zyia Active Joggers and Pants

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If your school or office allows you to wear leggings or tunics and dresses over leggings...we have you covered!  Check out our large selection of leggings.

Zyia Tops

Zyia carries a wide variety of athletic tanks and tops, and many of these are appropriate for the classroom or office.  Below is just a small selection of shirts that would be suitable.  

Most of these pieces come in multiple colors, so be sure to browse the site!  You can find all the tanks here, all shirts here, and sweatshirts and hoodies here.

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This is just a sampling of our huge online catalog, which changes regularly.  Because Zyia is a boutique-style company, we constantly have new items available.  Wednesdays are a big day at Zyia, as they release new items weekly.  It's so fun!  Check out all the recent New Releases.

Learn how you can get Zyia Active clothing at a deep discount by hosting a trunk show or becoming an affiliate!  

Join Zyia Active

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You can join Zyia Active and never sell a thing (but get an amazing discount!) or you can join and build a thriving business!  It's totally up to you.  

Learn more about becoming a Zyia Active Rep and being on my thriving Zyia Team by reading my article, Why Did I Join Zyia Active, or by filling out this form.  I'd love to connect, answer your questions, and chat.  Together we can discover if joining Zyia Active with me as your rep is a good fit for you.  

Check out an example of the Zyia Active starter kit in this video (view on YouTube if the video does not play here)

Not quite ready to join my team?  Click on the image below to learn more about Zyia Active.  Check out the brand and learn more by hosting a trunk showbecoming an affiliate, allowing me to be your personal shopper, or simply check out our quality activewear and do some shopping!

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Let's chat!  Fill out this form and I'll contact you soon.
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